And so the New Year brings...

Posted by Kinsey Fennig on Saturday, January 14, 2012
As the dust settles from holiday gatherings, we snuggle into the cozy snow days of January.  I am soaking up these last few weeks of frigid winter before my tradition is interrupted by the sunny beaches of California.  After careful consideration, I have decided to make the move across country to Los Angeles California.  There are many unknowns about this move, but that is what makes it an adventure right?  That is what satisfies my occasional need for change and even risk.  

For those of you who have the paternal instinct to worry, rest assured.  I have found a lovely room to rent in a home just east of down town.  This home resides just half a mile from a scenic bike trail running north/south.  I have three interviews for part time flexible jobs all music related, leaving plenty of opportunity for playing out.  And before I take the three day journey west, I'm playing one last gig near my hometown.  

If you are in the indiana area, please stop by and give me a hug goodbye.  I will miss my home.  I will miss my family and the most adorable nieces and nephews a girl could know.  I will miss the six amazing young woman I have gotten to know this past six months...but it is for the best and I simply must go.  

 Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  You are in mine.