God Bless Spring Time!!

Posted by Kinsey Michal on Thursday, March 17, 2011
Today I felt a warm breeze for the first time in months.  When I wore my sun dress, my legs did not freeze from the chilling winds meant to remind me that in fact it was still winter and I should keep my sun dress in the closet.  This fact alone makes my heart lighter and my smile wider.  

 The past six weeks have been extremely eventful; containing a concert in Indy, a dance competition outside of Chicago, two full recording weekends in Nashville, and a tiny bit of down time in good old Indiana.  I have been blessed and amazed by the progress we have made on this album project.  Even more than with the progress, I have been pleased with the product.  Every contribution that each musician has made and every creative idea from my producer have worked together to make works of art so much better than I could have developed or dreamed on my own.  I love the synergy of this group, but I also appreciate their ability to understand and communicate the essence of these songs.  I can't wait to share this music with all of you!  

I hope you get a chance to soak up the sunshine very soon!!  I hope you are smiling wide and enjoying your work, your family, your life.