I'm Back!

Posted by Kinsey Michal on Tuesday, September 14, 2010
So, after an entire year of learning experiences and adventures, I'm now ready to make my second blog post.  I don't intend for these communication lapses to be a habit, I just think my making of this blog spot was a little premature.  

I did move to Nashville.  I love the city...the people, the music, the art, and the dancing!!  Ten months after beginning my adventure there, I find myself back in my hometown.  Don't be fooled, it turns out this is not a sign of my failure in my musical endeavor, but rather a wise step toward my success.  While in Nashville, I had the privilege of working as a ballroom dance instructor.  While this occupation has many rewards,(I never really dreaded going to work, and even looked forward to it most days) it was time consuming and took me away from my first purpose in moving to Nashville, MUSIC!!!  So I made the choice to leave the job, and rather than find another minimum wage, time consuming job in Nashville, I decided to become self-employed in the great state of Indiana.  

Since moving back, I have made great strides in developing the music I have written over the past twelve months.  With the help of my wonderful producer Dewey, it seems as though these songs will be brought to life fully in the near future.  I am excited about the tasks I am able to put my hand to, and would love to have any and all of you to join me in this artistic journey.  I will try my best to be a more consistent blogger (sorry Uncle Lane and Uncle Todd), so as you choose to invest in me as an artist, I can bring you ever nearer in the process.  If you cared enough to read this blog, I dearly thank you.