It's Christmas time!

Posted by Kinsey Fennig on Monday, December 19, 2011
The past few years as we would clean up after Thanksgiving and being to break out the ornaments and old Christmas albums, I dragged my feet a little.  Almost like I am still on Christmas overload from last year and am not ready for the season to commence just yet.  

 This year was different.  I encouraged the decorating of the Christmas tree even before thanksgiving, and started playing my "Christmas 2011" playlist in November.  I can't put my finger on the change, other than to recognize a sincere sense of anticipation and excitement about what next year holds.  Almost like Christmas is this incredible time of celebration, fellowship and fun before a new year full of hard work that I will enjoy immensely.  The anticipatory weeks leading up to Christmas have been busy and have scampered by even faster than years past.  All that remains now are parties and "gay happy meetings"!  Needless to say, you find me in a great mood as I prepare music for the Christmas Eve service and wrap the last gifts to be put under the tree.  

 I wish all of you a similar sense of joy and anticipation as you prepare for the new year.  Beyond that, I wish you an overwhelming sense of the purpose of this season.  That you would understand more full than ever before that a savior has been born and he is Christ the Lord.  

Merry Christmas!