One Year Down...

Posted by Kinsey Fennig on Thursday, May 9, 2013
Hello Friends,
It has now been 14 months since my VW Beetle and I first crossed that California state line, headed west to the coast.  I can honestly say without hesitation that I love Los Angeles now more than ever (perhaps more than ever imagined).  This city has won me over with it's obnoxious billboards, overpriced gasoline, and oceans of "industry" people just hoping to find their nitch.  

I am currently living in the heart of Hollywood, just south of the Griffith Observatory (I can see the glow of the Observatory from my street).  Career wise, things are picking up again.  I am writing music for country artists, rap artists, and commercial projects.  I have also recently signed with a new commercial agency and hope to be hitting the audition circuit harder than ever in the coming months.  

While I love being "in the Industry", I am pretty sure I would be content in this city regardless of my "dream fulfillment".  I love the people here.  I love the creativity and the heart behind so many ideas and dreams that may or may not produce a paycheck, but still must be pursued.  Whether this is discovered through my dearest friends from my community group, or through the struggling artists I met on last weeks shoot, that sense of purpose and passion is all encompassing in this city.  

Sometimes it takes on an unhealthy form, sometimes it causes people to lose judgement; however, in its simplest and purest form, it is beautiful and God give!  After all, He is the author of creativity and the ultimate creator.