Summer days

Posted by Kinsey Michal on Sunday, July 17, 2011
Summer is in full swing and I have a lot to be glad about, the greatest being a successful release of my debut album, Dreaming in Color.  Last Friday night, my band got together to give a concert in the loft of a gorgeous old barn settled into an even more beautiful estate.  We had a full audience complete with new and old friends and family who's eager expressions added to the celebratory spirit of this event.  I am sincerely grateful to every person who made it to this release concert, and who helped make this release possible through donations and pre-orders.  Making music would be pointless without you.  I am so glad to hear that already so many of you are connecting to the music and relating to the stories.  

Now my concert schedule is beginning to fill up as I anticipate hauling around my new 67 Ib Roland keyboard (It really is the most realistic feel).  I am feeling the support of new and old fans, and am so grateful and glad to share with you all.  I hope to see you at an event soon!